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A photo of KaiOs, a feature phone.

Bounce: Quality Games for Retro Feature Phones

What proportion of the world do you think is online? It’s a strange question, because for those of us fortunate enough to live in a developed country, you might not realise that there are large parts of the world where access to the internet is a rarity. In Australia, we have an Internet Penetration rate of about 90%, but in places like South Sudan (9%), Niger (12%) and Papua New Guinea (12%), it’s a completely different story.

Screenshot of Real Deal Bridge.

Real Deal Bridge: A social bridge app for COVID19

In March 2020, COVID-19 changed the world. Seniors, one of the most impacted groups by the pandemic, needed a new way to socialise. In this article, we’ll discuss how and why the need for a new bridge app emerged.

Screenshot of FizzBuzz written in Rockstar

Top Tips from a Rockstar Developer

A while ago, I stumbled across a programming language called Rockstar. It’s an interesting little project that was designed to kill the term ‘Rockstar Developer’ by making an actual language that that term could apply to.

Creating an Accurate Demo

Hey folks! So, Duped is fast approaching release! In fact, we’re only about a month out from the actual, real release of my first commercially available game.