The Master's Pupil is now available on PS5 and Xbox!

What We Do

We’re an Australian game development consultancy and studio based in Sydney.

Making Wonderful Games

Our team prides itself on it’s technical experience and level of care for our projects, as well as the people involved in them. Whatever the challenge, we will strive to be a guide that helps teams and their projects be better.

Here’s a snippet of what we do:

Full-stack Game Development

We've made games small and large for a variety of platforms and purposes. From conception to launch, our team will be there to guide you through the entire development process! We're well-versed in both back-end and front-end development, offering UI design, 2D and 3D concept art services to boot.

In the past, some games we made were:

  • Promotional or games furthering brand IPs for mobile and web
  • Educational games for children
  • Training and simulation tools
  • Games for entertainment spaces
  • ...and much more!

Check out some of the games we've made:

Photos of our Game, Beam Team. This includes the storyboard, cutscenes, art assets, actual game in both PC and Arcade Cabinet!
A collage of images showing assets and screenshots from Innchanted and Hexgrove Books.

Multiplayer Networking

Let our highly experienced team build out your game's online multiplayer networking. We're serious problem solvers, and can help your team save precious development time for one of the toughest programming challenges in game development! Whether it's a larger multiplayer game, or a multiplayer training tool you'd like to have available cross-platform, we'd be happy to help!

In the past, some of the tools we've used to build out multiplayer networks were:

  • Photon PUN
  • Photon Fusion
  • Photon Quantum

Cool stuff we've worked on in the past:


As passionate game developers, we know the ins and outs of bringing concepts to life efficiently and effectively. This means both workshopping ideas with you, as well as scoping out work effectively to ensure production is smooth sailing. AKA we make accurate estimates and get great games shipped on time!

Check out how we prototyped Penalty Kick for Impact Wall in 2 weeks.

Cool stuff we've made in the past:

Collage of screenshots showing Techno Chicken's early concepts to finished prototype.
Collage of screenshots showing The Master's Pupil, A Tale of Paper and Duped.


The best way to bring games to more people is by porting it to different platforms. As a small and robust team, we've ported games to both conventional and unconventional platforms. If you've got an odd platform you're targeting, we're always up for a technical challenge!

In the past, we've ported games to:

  • PC/Steam/Epic Online Store
  • Android/IOS
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5
  • Xbox
  • Feature phones
  • Arcade cabinets

Cool games we've ported on in the past:

General Programming Support

Our dedicated and experienced team has helped bring concepts to life efficiently and effectively. Whether its an idea for a new marketing campaign, educational tool or passion project, we're excited to help make new games with you!

Cool games we've helped with in the past:

Collage of screenshots of No Way Home, Sp!ng and Innchanted.
Collage of screenshots for Sea-Monkeys:Zen Aquarium, The Master's Pupil and A Tale of Paper.

QA Services

Prior to releasing your game to players, QA testing is critical to make sure they're kept happy! Let us assist with rigorously testing your games for critical bugs whilst you focus on other aspects of development.

Cool games where we've squashed weird bugs:

Who We've Worked With