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Our Studio Culture

We're cool people, horsin' around

About Us

Noble Steed Games was formed in 2017 (as No Moss Studios) by a small group of game developers who loved games and believed in their possibilities: to bring joy, to tell soulful stories, to educate, and more! Games are for everyone, in whatever shape and form they take. We're a group of people that delight in helping to make that happen.

Today, we're a growing team of unique game developers who have helped make games for a wide breadth and variety of games and platforms. We're led by Reuben Moorhouse, named as one of MCV Pacific's 30 Under 30 in Game Development.

In addition, we do our best to uplift the game development scene, both locally and globally. We're proud organisers, members and contributors to a number of local game development groups and events. Join our Discord community to stay in the loop on what we're up to, or check out our game developement resources plus tools we use to make games.

The Team

Purple illustration of Reuben Moorhouse, Noble Steed GamePhoto of Reuben Moorhouse, Noble Steed Game

Reuben Moorhouse

Studio Director

Purple illustration of Ann Li Khaw, Noble Steed GamePhoto of Ann Li Khaw, Noble Steed Game

Ann Li Khaw

Marketing Coordinator

Purple illustration of Grant Sumabat, Noble Steed GamePhoto of Grant Sumabat, Noble Steed Game

Grant Sumabat

Mid Unity Developer

Purple illustration of Ronnie Sallan, Noble Steed GamePhoto of Ronnie Sallan, Noble Steed Game

Ronnie Sallan

QA Engineer

Purple illustration of Christine Ager, Noble Steed GamePhoto of Christine Ager, Noble Steed Game

Christine Ager

Operations Coordinator

Our Purpose

We are a game development studio and consultancy with the purpose of being the best in the world, and we would love your help to get there. This means we strive for excellence, both culturally and technically.

An illustration of the Noble Steed Games brand mascot, Horsey, rearing up on its hind legs.


We are collectively passionate about what we do. We actively pursue projects that excite and challenge us, and make opportunities for all employees to build their purposes into their work.


As an organisation, we value purpose. We aim to ensure that we all have the opportunity to work on projects that are personally inspiring, interesting and in alignment with our own individual goals.

How we currently enact this:


We recognise that we are, both individually and as an organisation, always growing and learning.

How we currently enact this:
  • Regular meetings with direct supervisor (every 3 weeks), including:
    • Discussions of, and planning for, growth (in skills, in career, in compensation).
    • Constructive criticism, delivered with love.
    • Weekly retrospectives, across projects and across the organization, for regular opportunities to reflect and improve.


We are a driven organisation. But, drive is a symptom, not a goal. We do not require people to be driven, but rather see being driven as an end result of the rest of our values operating smoothly.

We expect that by giving people a passionate and compassionate place to work, they will be driven in their work as a result.

An illustration of the Noble Steed Games brand mascot, Horsey, resting and cosily curled up.


We collectively care. About our clients, our employees, and our world. Ensuring that we are able to be human, and leverage our humanity to be better, treat each other better, and leave the world better.


As an organisation, we want to seek balance. We seek diversity individually (varied skills and interests leads to better individuals), and collectively (varied backgrounds and interests of individuals leads to a better organisation).

How we currently enact this:


As an organization, we aim to be kind. There is never an excuse for unkindness, and even difficult topics can be discussed with care and compassion.

Collectively, we treat our clients and employees with kindness. Be cognizant of difficult circumstances, and ensure that we treat others as we would like to be treated.

How we currently enact this:
  • Generous leave entitlements, including unlimited unpaid leave.
  • No price is worth unkindness. We will never hire ‘that person’ - the individual who is so talented that they get away with being unkind.


We aim to be honest, with ourselves, with our employees, with our clients. We speak plainly and clearly, and stick to our word. Similarly, we are transparent and open.

How we currently enact this:
  • Role and Pay transparency. All employees can see what other employees make, and what the clear requirements are for promotions.
  • Valuing feedback, in both directions. It is our responsibility as an organization to give clear and valuable feedback to our employees. Similarly, it is our responsibility to listen to and value feedback from our employees.

Humility and vulnerability

We aim to be humble and vulnerable as an organization, and welcome the vulnerability of our employees. However, this is a symptom, not a goal. If our employees are not able to be vulnerable with us, this is a failing of us as an organisation to embody our values of compassion.

We aim to be kind, honest and balanced, to ensure that our employees are able to be vulnerable and transparent about problems, trusting us to listen and solve them.

Our Culture Book

Get to know us, and find out how we are different. Check out our culture book for more information on us, and the policies we enact to support our employees.


WIP Night

WIP Night is a night to celebrate work-in-progress games in Sydney. With special talks by local game devs about their process and games available for playtesting, it's a wonderful space to connect with fellow developers with a love for games!

We love supporting the game development community, and are proud to be able to organise a space for creative and inspiring game developers. Learn more about how you can get involved!

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