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Besides blogs about our projects or client work, we also enjoy having a little fun with other games we enjoy!

Feature image showing an illustration of a Seamonkey on brown texture paper.

Sea-Monkeys® DND Homebrew

Love Sea-Monkeys & DND? Our Sea-Monkey Homebrew has spells, monsters & items for your campaign! Based on the Sea-Monkeys®: Zen Aquarium game.

An illustration on paper texture of the Unpacking game's box. Inside the box are characters from Untitled Goose Game, Frog Detective and Hollow Knight.

Aussie Indie DND Homebrew

We love the character that sets the Australian game industry apart! Have a little fun with this local indie game inspired DND homebrew!

Screenshot of FizzBuzz written in Rockstar

Top Tips from a Rockstar Developer

A while ago, I stumbled across a programming language called Rockstar. It’s an interesting little project that was designed to kill the term ‘Rockstar Developer’ by making an actual language that that term could apply to.