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Sea-Monkeys® DND Homebrew

Welcome Artemia lovers and DND enthusiasts. We’ve prepared a Sea-Monkey Homebrew with some odd magical items, spells, and creatures for you to have fun with in your next DND campaign! These artefacts are all based off our delightful mobile game, Sea-Monkeys®: Zen Aquarium, found somewhere in the interwebs (Android and IOS).

Why did we make this, you ask? Because we wanted to celebrate these wondrous creatures through play! We had a fun time expanding on Sea-Monkey lore, and referenced the tone found within vintage Sea-Monkey handbooks and other paraphernalia for this homebrew.

Download the PDF versions here. Let us know if you use this Sea-Monkey Homebrew in your DnD sessions! Enjoy!

Lovingly crafted by:
Maddie (Our team’s Unity Dev) and Ann (Our team’s marketing coordinator)

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