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The Games Exchange: Sharing Indie Games from Malaysia and Australia

Photo of the Noble Steed Games office during the night.

We ran our first-ever Games Exchange with Malaysian game developers recently! In collaboration with Outcrowd Malaysia, we traded 5 Australian indie games with those from Malaysia, transforming our office into a space to showcase games from our sister industry and vice versa. 

A photo of some visitors to the games exchange.

In essence, we shared some Malaysian games at the same time and day as our friends in Malaysia did, but with games made in Sydney (albeit with a 3-hour time difference). It was both a way to expose people to games they have never seen or tried before, as well as an opportunity to get to know the culture of another region through the medium. Along the way, strengthening relations between indie developers and gamers from both regions!

Here’s a summary of the Malaysian games we showcased during the night:

A screenshot of Nusantara Adventures, showing a top-down view of a village in the game.

Nusantara Adventures by Moredoor Interactive

Nusantara Adventures is a roguelike action-adventure set in the world of Nusantara, a fictional world based on the unique Malay Sultanate era. With real-time combat and resource management mechanics, grow in virtue or infamy as you fight your way to becoming a renowned guild! Available for wishlist on Steam.

A screenshot of some characters fighting within Katana Rama. They are both low poly and mech-like, with the main character bracing to attack in the foreground.

Katana Rama by Ghost Machine

Katana Rama is a mobility-based, fast-paced action game where you play as a hacker program, with the mission of breaking out of a digital security system. Lay waste to all that stands in your way. Out now on Steam.

A screenshot of a diner in Midwest 90.

Midwest 90: Rapid City by Hidden Chest Studios

Midwest 90: Rapid City is a single-player, story-focused survival-tycoon game, where you build your all-American restaurant that serves Monster Meat Dishes and protect it from monster attacks. Wishlist it on Steam here.

A screenshot of a classroom in Paper Ghost Stories. The characters and objects are all in the style of paper cutouts.

Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open by Cellar Vault Games

Third Eye Open is a coming-of-age story about a young girl with the ability to see spirits. Will this burgeoning power be a blessing or a curse? Will you be able to save your family and unravel the mystery at the heart of the adventure?

Support it by wishlisting it on Steam.

A screenshot of Rhythm Doctor, where a player is trying to resuscitate a patient.

Rhythm Doctor by 7th Beat Games

Save patients with your rhythm mastery! Rhythm Doctor is a rhythm game where you heal patients by defibrillating in time to their heartbeats. Learn each patient’s unique heartbeat and defeat boss viruses trying to sabotage your rhythm, all set to heart-pumping, soul-soothing music. Get it on Steam here. 

In exchange for these wonderful games, we passed along Australian indies such as The Masters’ Pupil by Pat Naoum, GodFeather: A Mafia Pigeon Saga by Hojo Studios, Janet de Mornay is a Slumlord (And a witch) by Fuzzy Ghost. Which Way Up: Galaxy Games by Turtleflip Studios captivated visitors with its hectic multiplayer games, whilst Your Holy & Virtuous Heretic by Kurt Tikoft intrigued with its unique art style. These games were all made from Sydney, and have had a past presence at our WIP Nights, making it especially exciting to be able to support the devs involved even further!

Screenshot of all the key art for the 5 Australian games.

To sum up, we’re incredibly honoured to have hosted such an event in Sydney and Selangor! Something incredible about local indie games and events is that they’re always weird and zany, with a community spirit that’s highly energetic and creative. Being able to do that with game developers from other regions makes it all the more special. We look forward to doing more to support indie devs in the future!

A photo of the crowd in our office, with some folks playing Katana Rama in the foreground.

We hope you enjoyed reading this! Have a question or want to chat more about game development? Reach out to us!

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