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Feature image with the Git Logo and "Part 3" to its right.

Git Basics 3 – Git Operations 101

Alright – we’ve got the hang of how to set up a repository – well done! Now, lets take a brief tour around Fork, pointing out the basic operations that we’ll need as we go.

An illustration of a globe, with speech bubbles showing the players connected to the multiplayer network via their devices.

Networking: Top 3 Photon PUN Tips

Photon PUN is an excellent system for Networking, and has helped us network countless Unity games very easily and quickly. But, there are a few quirks for how it operates that are definitely not intuitive at first. So, in our effort to democratise knowledge, we thought we would write a post sharing three top tips for PUN that will help you become a networking expert in no time!

Photograph of the Noble Steed Games Team in a meeting.

Mandatory Care

Small game dev studios have a problem – people want to throw themselves into their work. How can we make care mandatory?

Screenshot of an early prototype of Duped.

Ideation, and Nurturing a Mechanic

Game design is an interesting space to be in. Many articles have been written about not waiting for inspiration, and instead opting for active ideation, but I still struggle with that from time to time. So, here’s something that I find often helps me unlock creativity when I want to kick off a project, but don’t quite have a flash of inspiration to start from. Nurture a mechanic.