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Director’s Note: Hello as Noble Steed Games!

The new Noble Steed Games Logo!

Hi everybody,

Since we started No Moss Studios , we’ve had one goal— help bring as many cool, unique and soulful projects into the world as possible. We’ve been hard at work doing that for 5 years, but in that time it has become clear to us that our name (generously loaned to us from our parent company No Moss) doesn’t perfectly encapsulate that mission.

So, we’ve decided to change our name! We’ve decided to choose a name that better encompasses who we are— a studio that is here to help bring fun and joy into the world. We’re delighted to reintroduce ourselves. Hi, we’re Noble Steed Games. You’ll be seeing this name and branding around more, on our website, social media, and shiny new business cards.

If you’ve noticed a sharp uptick in horse related imagery lately, this is why. We think our new name perfectly encapsulates who we are— a group of folks who love fun and adventure in equal parts, and will help carry our players, clients and staff forward into exciting and thrilling new frontiers. We have other things we’re cooking up that we’re delighted to start talking about more soon too, so stay tuned. It’s lovely to meet you, and we look forward to continuing to serve our community as best as we can, as your friendly Noble Steed.

Reuben Moorhouse
Studio Director

An animated illustration of Horsey sleeping and resting.


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