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Gamedev Resources

We love sharing about our processes and knowledge to fellow game developers, and hope these resources are useful to you! If you have any questions or would like further help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

An illustration of a globe, with speech bubbles showing the players connected to the multiplayer network via their devices.

Networking: Top 3 Photon PUN Tips

Photon PUN is an excellent system for Networking, and has helped us network countless Unity games very easily and quickly. But, there are a few quirks for how it operates that are definitely not intuitive at first. So, in our effort to democratise knowledge, we thought we would write a post sharing three top tips for PUN that will help you become a networking expert in no time!

Photograph of the Noble Steed Games Team in a meeting.

Mandatory Care

Small game dev studios have a problem – people want to throw themselves into their work. How can we make care mandatory?

Screenshot of an early prototype of Duped.

Ideation, and Nurturing a Mechanic

Game design is an interesting space to be in. Many articles have been written about not waiting for inspiration, and instead opting for active ideation, but I still struggle with that from time to time. So, here’s something that I find often helps me unlock creativity when I want to kick off a project, but don’t quite have a flash of inspiration to start from. Nurture a mechanic.

Creating an Accurate Demo

Hey folks! So, Duped is fast approaching release! In fact, we’re only about a month out from the actual, real release of my first commercially available game.