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Building a Brand: Jack the Super Prawn

How do you take a moderately successful YouTube video, and turn it into a global brand? This is something that interests us greatly, and nothing exemplifies that better than one of our earlier projects – Jack the Super Prawn.

A screenshot from Jack the Super Prawn: Ocean Hero. The first entry in the Jack the Super Prawn brand.
Jack the Super Prawn gameplay

What is Jack the Super Prawn?

When the creator of Jack the Super Prawn met us, Jack was just a YouTube video and accompanying song. But, the creator had big ideas. Jack was a set of children’s characters that crossed media boundaries, helping educate future environmentalists about the beauty and wonder of our oceans, and how they needed protection.

So, we sat down with them in order to build out the brand empire that Jack the Super Prawn could be. This included helping to publish further Jack the Super Prawn eBooks, which are now available in school libraries across Australia. It also included the development of the first Jack the Super Prawn game.

Seeing a fact about Green Sea Turtles. The Jack the Super Prawn brand is all about education and conservation.
Learning about aquatic life, while you play!

Like many small businesses, cash was very limited for the development of the Jack the Super Prawn game. So, we worked with the creator to develop an idea that was incredibly simple, while also being very engaging. The game would be an entry point for children to start engaging with Jack, at which point they would be able to go on to read some of the books, play other games, or listen to the music. Ultimately, the budget for the Jack the Super Prawn game was less than $5,000, and we were able to deliver an incredibly high quality experience.

Jack the Super Prawn: Ocean Hero still maintains a 5 star average rating across both Android and iOS. It has helped bring books to children everywhere, as well as kickstart the Jack the Super Prawn brand. Jack is now in development as a series of animated films, all born off of the back of the brand identity.

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